Overall goal: Development, implementation and transfer of innovative practices to schools, local and regional authorities, teachers educations organizations and others types of organizations in the Programme Countries.
Specific goal: Improve school education practices and social inclusion connected to multilingualism.
-Integration among peoples of Europe;

-Promotion of the main EU values and of civics not only in the schools but also in the local communities;

-Favoring a sense of European identity and European citizenship;

-Encouragement of the social progress;

-Fostering the use of the English language as an important communication skill in the life of all the European students;

-Signature of the “Friendship and Cooperation Agreement”.


The Project has a deep impact among the directly involved citizens and among the wide audience. Specifically speaking, the impact contributes to:

-A broader understanding of the EU values and rights;

-Fostering knowledge, skills and civic competences of the students;

-Improve the use of the English language, especially the students motivation for language learning through innovative teaching methods;

-Increase the quality of education and training;

-A more strategic and integrated use of ICTs and open educational resources (OER) in education, training and youth systems;

-Set up a permanent strategic school network.

Moreover, RiSE is a valuable attribute in the process of recognition of non-formal and informal learning, especially concerning participants with fewer opportunities, facing particular situations like cultural differences, economic obstacles and social obstacles.

The potential longer term benefits are visible in the new and increased inter-regional and transnational cooperation of the Partner Schools in the field of education, training and youth, and in the planning of a future project proposal that will be submitted within the Erasmus+ Programme and which also includes other partner schools from other European countries. Last but not least, through RiSE the students can improve their basic and transversal skills concerning civic, social, intercultural and English language competences.